12 Months Postpartum. My Not So Impressive “After” Pictures

My baby is 12 months old! It’s been 8 1/2 months since I last posted my progress picture and this picture of my stomach (it took a lot to do this, talk about feeling vulnerable!) . At this point I had lost 25 pounds in 14 weeks and only had 3 more pounds to lose until I was back to pre-baby weight.


While I did lose all my baby weight in 4 months, I still had improvements to do with body composition. I knew from my own experience (this was my second baby) but also from my education that at this point that the scale wouldn’t move much (if at all) but I still could loose fat and feel a little bit better.  This is something that I wish everyone would be able to feel and understand too. At some point in your journey the scale doesn’t show us our progress anymore.  In the picture below I am am only 3 pounds lighter on the scale but have lost over 7lbs of fat.




What did I do to get to this point? What did I do and what did I eat? I stuck with “The Plan” I talked about in this post http://www.creatingafitlife.com/2016/12/05/my-story-is-not-a-rock-bottom-story-i-am-simply-at-a-place-i-dont-want-to-stay/.

As a fitness professional I don’t post many “selfies” Why? Because I don’t think they are that impressive. This is what I do, this is what I know. Wouldn’t you expect a quarter back to be able to throw a touch down?  A race car driver to know how to drive around the track fast?


Could I be even more lean? Of course! And I know exactly what I would need to do to lose more fat. This is what my degree is and my profession for the last 13 years.  But I have to tell you, I enjoy eating a corn dog once in awhile and look forward to some summer ice cream treats. On busy days when I barely even have time to think about supper I have to pull out the “go to” meal question to my kids…. “how do you feel about a PB & J?!”. I have no super powers, I am not a professional cook and can’t throw together delicious healthy meals in less time than anyone else. I am human! I am not striving to be the leanest I can be. My goal is pretty simple; to be happy, healthy, and teach my kids how to incorporate the same things into their lives someday. You see I don’t have that amazing story of weight loss or that transformation to show you. I just have the desire to feel good about myself and to help others do the same.


THIS PICTURE is my best transformation picture. These two girls now have each other for life. Sisters by blood, best friends already through love.

At what point can you be happy with your body?

Today, right here, right now. Be happy with your body. You are alive to live another day. You have the ability to move, to make any change you want to. I can not say this enough..”LOVE YOUR BODY WHILE YOU ARE WORKING ON CHANGING IT”. Losing weight takes time. Losing fat and not seeing any changes on the scale can take even longer.

Keeping a positive attitude during your journey can be difficult. Meditating and journalling have been given lots of credit lately for changing mindsets and staying positive.

Here is how to do it………

Everyday choose one of these 5  questions to ask yourself, and to give yourself some positive feedback. I recommend you purchase a journal, sit quietly daily, and reflect while writing one of these thoughts.

  1. What is what one thing you could do today to work towards your goal that takes 3 minutes or less? (plan what you will eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and stick with it. Drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day, write down 10 body weight exercises you plan to do before bed, etc)
  2. What is one thing you did healthy today and how can you repeat it tomorrow?
  3. Everyone has many beautiful characteristics. What is one of yours?
  4. Who do I love and who loves me? How can I express this to them today?
  5. Am I challenging myself? What is one area I could push and challenge myself more in? How will I do this?

Be kind and loving to yourself. You deserve everything that you give to others.