I’m Not Simple!

It’s been a few months since this conversation. I had forgotten about it. But like many other times there seems to be an emotional release when working out by myself or some kind of profound thought comes to mind. So while on the elliptical this morning I thought about a conversation I had with a someone a few months ago. It was a positive conversation about life. I barely remember what exactly we were talking about but somewhere in that conversation she referred to me as being SIMPLE. I don’t think that simple is a bad thing to be called but something that I never thought of myself as.
After that I did what most people do, I asked someone who I knew would give me the honest truth and knows me better than I know myself. In my case that is my husband. “Would you describe me as simple?”. –It was probably a trick question—I don’t know many men who would describe their wives as “simple”. After he had a good laugh he said “absolutely not!”
Simple? Am I simple? Not really. I may not have interests in what other people do or may find important. I am a central Wisconsin girl. Give me a couple pairs of jeans, a few sweatshirts and shirts, shoes I can comfortably move around in and I’m happy. Bless me with a home that is big enough to raise my family in and I will keep it clean and tidy so I can spend the rest of the time with my family and not working to pay it off. I enjoy reading, sports, playing the violin, working out, biking, vacations big or small, concerts, baking, laughing, and I make a big deal about the holidays. Simple? No, that I am not. We all have different interests, different motivations, our family lives and schedules are unique. My goal….to see the uniqueness in everyone else, their different interests, and to never see anyone as simple. We are all so complex with some of us having a tougher outer shell than others. There is beauty and complexity in everyone once we get to know them!