FUN Things To Do With Friends That Do NOT Involve Food & Drinks

Whether I get a vocal “This is sooo true” or a silent “Amen” there are going to be many who can relate to this at some point in their lives.  So many have told me the older they get, the more it seems like all social activities with friends and family involve food and alcohol.

It’s not a terrible thing if you have younger kids and the opportunities to get out of the house by yourself without anyone attached to your hip is very far and few between. But for those who fill out their social calendars a little more frequently, the extra calories involved in these activities can start to have some negative effects on our health and raise that number on the scale. Not a good feeling!

Once this happens many will start to avoid social activities, and that’s not fair either. TIME – is important. Giving others our time is giving them part of us. It helps build relationships and feeds our souls.

So what do you do to handle this? How can you take matters into your own hands?

YOU pick the activity…here are a few ideas:

  1. Game nights. Cards or an easy board game. All you need is the game, a table, and enough chairs. And trust me… you really don’t need to provide snacks. Your guests will appreciate not having the temptations and it will set the precedent for the next host. Schedule the meeting time after supper make it clear its games only, no need to bring snacks!  If you ABSOLUTELY feel you need to provide SOMETHING. Put out a bowl of fruit and use the power of the internet to search “low or no calorie natural drinks” to provide your guests with refreshments like this fruit infused hibiscus iced tea from Melanie Cooks
  2. Go to the movies. I have heard more and more people talk about going with a group of friends and how relaxing this can be. Especially if you have the pleasure of having an amazing theater in your town like we do in Sun Prairie, WI. with big leather reclining seats!  And YES you can skip the popcorn, drinks, and candy. Go early and have some time to talk before the movie starts.
  3. Painting pottery. Making signs. This has been increasing in popularity and is so easy to schedule. Do a search for classes in your area or find someone who will travel to your house!
  4. Bike rides. Come on, we need to start riding bikes more!  Riding bikes isn’t just for kids! Find some fun trails in your area and get a friend or two to go with. This isn’t something you need to get in “shape” to do. Investing in a good bike can make a world of a difference. We love our Trek hybrid bikes. You can ride for miles with not much effort.
  5. Walks before or after work. All it takes is asking the question…”want to meet and go for a walk?” Doesn’t have to be anything strenuous. No running involved. 30 minutes and you are caught up on your friend or co-workers life, and got in extra steps for the day. Your Fitbit will thank you. 😉
  6. Watch a TV show series or movies together. Schedule the same day and time each week to meet. Its a standing friend date. Again…no need for foods or snacks.
  7. Meet friends at an exercise class. Choose as a group, the class style, a day and time that works for everyone and show up to get your sweat on! This one is dual purpose….friend time AND accountability partners to ensure you are taking at least an hour out of your week for your health. Don’t over-commit with this one. Choose ONE class. If everyone wants to go to more than one class that’s great! But have that one designated class that everyone will meet at.
  8. Meet for Tea. At times we do need to just SIT and talk to our friends in a calm quiet atmosphere. Tea is calorie free or low calorie and fulfills the need to digest something that is comforting. Avoid the high calorie sugary drinks at coffee shops or invite friends to sit on your porch or in your home.

Need more ideas?

When asked the question, What activities do you with friends that DO NOT involve food and drinks? on our Facebook page ( ) this is what we got!

  1. Shopping –  M. Schmit
  2. Biking, volleyball, walking. – S. Schultz
  3. Playing cards, games, lying by the pool/lake, boating, pontoon, canoeing, kayaking. – M. Pearce-Schuett
  4. Walks and talks. Allows the kids to even tag along with scooters, bikes, etc. – L. Ewan
  5. Wood sign painting, girls night out at the movies. – J. Bittelman
  6. Pedicures. – A. Haferman
  7. Shopping. – M. Schessow
  8. Hike. – T. Gunderson
  9. Massages, spa days. – M. Ries
  10. Team sports. – A. Katsma
  11. Running. – K. Oxendine
  12. Aerial yoga. – T. Pray
  13. Lay in a hammock. – C. Sibole
  14. Bicycling. – T. Lucas.