The Scale…..It Is What It Is…..

I’m trying not to pay much attention to the number on the scale but the reality is that the scale is done moving on its own. The weight from the baby and giving birth initially made the scale go down but now what I am left with is weight that I am going to have to work hard to lose.

I’ve lost 1lb a week for the last 3 weeks. Some may be under the impression that this is not a lot. You may even feel that if you only lost 1lb in one weeks time you would be disappointed. The truth is, it is best to lose .5-2lbs a week. When we do this it is more permanent weight loss. Our chances of saying “goodbye” to this weight forever and not just a month or two, increases. Losing one pound takes WORK and we want to make sure that it stays off.

“Stop sabotaging something that has the potential to be great” 

We always want weight loss to be fast. Why wouldn’t we? The problem is when we start to sabotage ourselves when we think that the weight is not coming off as fast as we want it to. These are the days we indulge in foods and give up our workouts. The scale doesn’t say what we think it should so we go back to doing what we were doing….that doesn’t work…but we do it anyways. Make sense? Nothing good comes out of eating too many calories and burning less calories.

We know giving up on our workouts and not caring about what we eat doesn’t make sense but we do it anyways. As and educated fitness professional I know better. But I often wonder how I can get more people to acknowledge this thought process and end the cycle of losing weight and gaining it back?

Here is what I came up with…. proving the truth in these words by my own words and actions. I have no super powers that makes me different than anyone else. I have ups and downs and life happens to me and those who surround me.

I encourage you to reflect on your habits. Don’t let your own opinion of what the scale should say sabotage your progress. Focus on the WORK and the rest will follow at the pace it is meant to.