This Will Stick Around. Can You Believe It?

I admit since giving birth to Ivy I have been enjoying my time with my girls and my husband getting used to a new routine. A routine that is controlled by feedings of an infant, diaper changes and seeing just how many things you can get done with the use of one hand while the other is holding baby. All my fellow moms out there know what I am talking about when I describe the frantic unattractive eating we must do if we want to feed ourselves during the day. There is only so many things you can eat with one hand and if you want to eat something decent or even warmed up you must eat it crazy fast before the baby wakes or needs something.

Meals at my house are more simplistic, and not always the most balanced right now. I haven’t focused on losing weight yet. In a short time when I am ready I can tell you one thing…these pretzels are going to stick around and still be a part of my life.

I will not restrict myself from foods I enjoy eating.  I will not eat “clean” during the week and let it slide during the weekends. I won’t have one “cheat day” “cheat meal” once a week. I’m going with the the balanced, delicious, food is fuel theme. Why? Because I know it works! It has worked for tons of people I have worked with over the years and I know it is the right plan for me and my family.

These pretzels are important to me!  I think its fair to say they are even more important to my 6 year old. Can you see the sugar on these things?! It’s a kids dream! While I’m sure the sugar is an added bonus in a 6 year olds eyes, I know it is not the sugar she craves. We make a special trip to the mall for these pretzel bites. They are a treat that she knows mom doesn’t let her have everyday.

There is something about leaving the house for a special outing just for her that I know makes her feel special and loved. There has been times that we have gone to the mall just for time together and have done no other shopping. The tradition is to buy the pretzels, a drink, and to find a quiet spot to sit just the two of us. While we eat and drink I make it a point to first ask the question….”so what do you want to talk about?” It is typically always followed up with a quick reply. The topic could be related to friends, family, school…you never know. Whatever it is she knows that this time is all about her.

I make it a point to not be distracted. Any phone calls get ignored. I fight the urge to check my phone after I hear my phone sound that a text message or email has been received. I make it a point to give her eye contact, shake my head that I am listening, smile at her. Letting her know that I care about her thoughts.

That’s right….I am a health professional letting my daughter eat a SUGAR pretzel…..gasp!!! Can you imagine how much sugar is on those things? Actually I can tell you….its a lot. I know the recommended limits of added sugar intake and this is sure to put you over the top. Iris doesn’t get to eat one herself. I take one for the team and share it with her (tough job I know) and the remainder of the day I make sure our food choices are balanced and is as sugar free as possible.

I know when I ask her what she would like to do, just her and I….most of the time it will be something that requires us to sit down across the table from each other and involves one of our “talks”. It makes it even better that she already talks about having her baby sister join us when she gets older.

What kind of special moments/traditions do you have with your kids? What moments are you creating that they will remember for years to come?

“To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today” Barbara Johnson