Baby Ivy Is Here

Hi Everyone!
It has felt like forever since I have blogged. The break was for a good reason! Our daughter Ivy was born on August 25th. We are so happy and settling into our new routine rather easily. It’s amazing how much easier having an infant is the second time around. There was so much to learn with our first daughter with lots of worrying and overthinking things. The lack of sleep however seems to be inevitable no matter how many kids you have.

Our oldest daughter, Iris, has transitioned into being a big sister rather easily. We have lots of people to thank for that. She has been flooded with “big sister” gifts and love that has made her feel so special and excited for her new role. We can’t thank everyone enough! Iris was able to enjoy her little sister for a week before she had to start first grade. While she was upset to leave her at first, the excitement of starting a new school year quickly took over.

With being high risk and having other pregnancy related pains that made walking on certain days difficult, I had a planned induction for the evening of August 24th. We were all prepared; car packed, family in town to help us take care of our dogs and home while we were gone and to await the new baby. We were saying our goodbyes in our driveway an hour before we were to check in to the hospital. One hug in and the phone rang…..the hospital was having a busy night and they were short staffed,  I would have to wait until morning. I was disappointed and upset to stay the least. The 3 hours of sleep the two nights previous due to pain wasn’t helpful either. Expressing my disappointment to the nurse on the phone wasn’t my finest moment. But with no other option we went to sleep in our own beds that night and waited until morning for the induction.

We checked in Thursday at 7:30am. Family came to visit throughout the morning/afternoon. Iris stayed in the room until 7pm. We watched movies, colored, did some art projects. She was a champ! However she did mention that she didn’t know that having a baby would take so long!  We had a special sister necklace for her with the quote ” By luck we became sister’s. By love we became friends.” with both the girls names on it. Dale wrote her this amazing letter and put it in a bottle about how special she was, how much care a baby needs, and how special it is to be a big sister.

bottle2 dsc01420

My goal was to labor as long as possible without any pain medication and definitely no epidural. As many times as I get my blood drawn for my thyroid checks I still have a fear of needles. I was able to keep this plan with the labor of our first daughter and I wanted to stick with the same plan. It took 12 hours to get to 4cm. I was having a ton of back labor. Laying down was extremely painful. There was only one position that I could tolerate some of the pain…a modified plank. While I can totally appreciate the modified plank as an ‘exercise’ I will admit that holding it for hours at a time was just not working for me. I probably will never set a record for holding a plank the longest that is for sure! I became so weak and nauseous that I knew I was not going to have enough energy to deliver. After a dose of pain medication I felt like I was going to pass out…so I broke down…epidural it was. Everyone in the room can tell you how much I contemplated if it was the right choice or not. What were the side affects? Would it affect the baby? Would I panic if I lost feeling in my lower body? After all the overthinking…from the time I received the epidural to the time I gave birth was less then an hour! My body finally could relax! In fact it happened so fast the doctors and nurses had to run into the room almost missing the birth.

The first moment when they put the baby on your chest is explainable. Any pain that you were in immediately goes away. I really don’t know how to explain it. In a way its so surreal. Time stops and nothing exists but the feelings of love and happiness. You can’t believe that you get to be the parent of this perfect miracle.   I remember looking over at my husband immediately afterwards and seeing his smile. I could feel how proud he was and how this baby instantaneously gave us another link in our chain of connection.

I don’t remember my husband taking this picture. I couldn’t tell you if it was immediately following the birth or an hour after. All I know is that when I look at this picture I know the feelings that were behind this smile.


As we are settling into a new routine at home and I am preparing to go back to work. I feel almost bad to admit that immediately following giving birth my body felt like it gave a sigh of relief. Much of my pain went away and I healed very quickly. While I mentally feel ready to get back to working out, I know better. At 2.5 weeks postpartum I feel ready to start adding in more than just walks but nothing too crazy yet. My body needs to heal a little more before it gets into anything too intense. However it is about time to focus more on what I am eating. I need to remind my body how energized it feels when it gets the correct balance of nutrients. And I definitely need to start drinking more water since caffeine has taken over as my fluid of choice lately!


My #1 priority now and will always be my family and soaking in all the baby love I can get. I also know how much happier I am when I am feeling good about my progress. I am ready to take on my goal of losing the baby weight.  In the past I may have looked at this goal as a ‘journey’. This time I am going to make it a ‘climb’. Taking a step no matter how big or small to my goal and giving myself credit for every small accomplishment. As a fitness professional I already know it’s challenging, I know the struggles, I am aware of the emotions that go with weight loss. I’m not looking at doing this as a quick fix or temporary. I’m all in!

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