Bosu Challenge! Find Your Passion!

We all have a story to tell…….

This summer I had the pleasure of having a UW-La Crosse student working with me at the studio. Alyssa is working on completing a degree in Exercise and Sports Science (the same degree I  finished 11 years ago!) It has brought back great college memories as well as a reflection of my career over the years. Alyssa has passion, energy, and a great work ethic. I asked Alyssa to write a little about herself and how she found fitness passion. I hope by reading it you are inspired to find what type of exercise excites you and is your outlet to all the stresses of everyday life so that everyday and start fresh and new with a brand new perspective.

Another assignment I asked of Alyssa was to create a challenge. It had to be just that….challenging. A list of exercises that ideally if you wouldn’t be able to complete the first time through with no stopping. Why a list of exercises that you couldn’t complete when knowing the human nature likes to avoid feeling like a failure? Knowing that people tend to lean only towards things we are good at? Because I feel people should be challenged, and we should be okay with working for things we don’t get instant gratitude from. At the bottom of Alyssa’s post you will find the challenge along with a video describing each exercise. We hope you take on this challenge and give your self time to be able to complete it. Do this workout 1 to 3 times a week with first taking rests between each exercise. As you improve, the goal to be a “Bosu Challenge Champion” will be reached when you can complete each exercise for 20 repetitions with no breaks between exercises. Please let us know when you do!

The why and how of finding my fitness passion. You can find yours too!

By Guest Blogger – Alyssa Weisensel

Embarrassed to run? I was too. To say the least, the words “exercise” and “healthy” were not in my vocabulary. My interest in exercise slowly started gaining momentum as I challenged myself to try sports. After a few years of cross country, I couldn’t get enough of running. Running was my “me time”; it was time to get away and clear my mind. I’m sure you’re thinking “Alyssa, I have tried running and I don’t like it!”. I get that not everyone likes running, but my point is to find an exercise that you enjoy. I say this because running was my outlet to the exercise world. It has lead to a future for me and I’m confident that you can find yours too.


I’ll be entering my senior year at UW – La Crosse working towards an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sport Science and Nutrition minor. Each day I explore new exercises. Though I don’t know where I’ll be in 5 years, I know that opportunities will take me places. My plan is to attend graduate school after my time at UW – La Crosse for a master’s degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology to continue my education. My career goal is to help other achieve their health-related goals through exercise and nutrition.


So how did I end up at a&b fitness concepts this summer? As curious as I am, I walked into the studio in January 2016 with a wonder of what this place was all about. From that moment, my interest felt aligned with the purpose of a&b fitness concepts. Though the summer is ending and I had back to school soon, I’m fortunate to have experienced a&b. Every class participant (yes, that’s you!) has taught me that with hard work a challenge is conquered. For the time being, I leave you with a new challenge to conquer. I created this challenge for you to conquer with never-ending strength and passion. I hope you continue enjoy your fitness journey and reach your goals.  


Bosu Challenge

  • 20 reps with no rest in between exercises.

Perform the following exercises holding the Bosu:

  • Burpies with overhead squat and push-up
  • Overhead squats

Perform the following exercises with the ball side up:

  • Side to Side Toe Taps
    • 1 rep = right and left toe touches to ground
  • Split Squats to knee drive jump
    • Right (10 reps)
    • Left (10 reps)
  • V sit-ups
  • Squat Pulses on ball
  • Squat hold 3 seconds on and off ball with jump transition, repeat
  • Burpie with push-up, jump up transition to squat on ball, repeat

Perform the following exercises with the ball side down:

  • Push-ups
    • Two feet (10 reps)
    • Lift Right foot (5 reps)
    • Lift L (5 reps)
  • Mountain climbers