My FATabulous Pregnancy

We can officially do a countdown until baby Ivy is to arrive. Because this is a high risk pregnancy and pain issues I am having, we have an induction planned very soon in hopes my doctor will be the one to deliver. I have wanted to keep my experience very real and vowed to share my experience. ALL aspects of this pregnancy. Maybe even feelings other pregnant women have but don’t talk about……..

Pregnancy can be a sensitive issue. Trust me, we have lost pregnancies, have struggled getting pregnant, and have had complications during pregnancies and months of bed rest. However, I know there are so many women out there who are still struggling and would welcome some of these complications for the experience being pregnant just once. After losing a pregnancy or struggling to get pregnant there is nothing more hurtful than hearing a pregnant woman complain ABOUT being pregnant. The sickness, the pain, the gaining weight.  I know…I totally get it!

But there is something that happens to some of us while we are pregnant that feeds these feelings. That makes us even more sensitive. Makes us insecure. Can hurt our feelings. Some may be lucky enough not to experience it….but from talking with others I think it happens more than we know. And I feel this experience needs to be mentioned.

See there is something about being pregnant that makes others feel like they can make comments about our bodies. The rate at which our belly’s are growing…too fast…to slow….estimating our weight gain….pointing out ALL other areas our bodies are growing other than our belly’s. Comments to our face, to other’s,  and jokes that we question are really jokes.

But this pregnancy I am going to call FAT-abulous.…let me explain….

When I first told people I was pregnant with our first daughter 6 years ago I can still recall the comments that I received…..

When I first got pregnant:

  • “I can’t wait to see you gain weight and get fat!”
  • “Now you will see how hard it is to lose weight after you have a baby”
  • “Your body will never be the same”
  • commenting about a maternity shirt I was wearing “I don’t know why they make maternity shirts with stripes on them….stripes make you look so wide”.

But I went onto bed rest at 27 weeks, so most people didn’t see my weight gain. And I avoided more comments.

With being off of work for so long I had to go back to work when our daughter was just 2 weeks old. I remember that first day back. A member at the club I was working at patted my belly and said “looks like you still have some baby weight to lose”. I wanted to scream “My baby is TWO WEEKS OLD!”. But instead right there and then I swore to myself that I was going to prove those people who said that I would never be able to lose the baby weight that I WOULD.  And you know what…I did. I got a ton of credit for it too (ha!). Those same people said “well…wait until you have number 2, you won’t be able to take the weight off,  it gets harder with each pregnancy, you will see”.

6 years later came this current pregnancy:

  • “Your butt gets really big when you are pregnant”
  • “wow, you look huge!”
  • “looks like you really have been eating for two”
  • “I see you are getting fat”
  • “How much weight have you gained?”

If you want to talk sensitivity….talk to a pregnant woman! Here is a picture of me when I was around 27 weeks pregnant. This particular day I was feeling down from one of the comments from above. My husband told me I only looked pregnant from the side. That if you saw me from behind you couldn’t tell. He said all the right “husband like things”……… so of course I didn’t believe him. To prove it to me I put on a smile so he could take some pictures so I could see it with my own eyes. But I was still hurt by the comment.

DSC00018 (1)     DSC00023 (1)

Not everyone made negative comments or jokes. I have received some very nice comments along the way. But thrown in with the other negative comments it makes if very confusing for a pregnant woman who is already uncomfortable in her own skin and with a wardrobe that continues to get limited week after week your mind tends to agree with the negative side.

So I made a decision…..

Whether or not you feel I got “fat” during this pregnancy. This pregnancy has been fabulous  to me. I have had such an amazing experience sharing this time with my husband and the involvement our 6 year old has been so much fun. At  10 weeks pregnant the nurse thought the doctor would tell me I would need to go on bed rest,  and I haven’t! Can you imagine what 30 weeks of bed rest would have been like?! Instead I was able to spend it with my family celebrating and planning this future miracle.

DSC00211 C0004T01 (1) DSC01159

Sadly I know I am not alone.  By opening up to others I have heard stories from other woman during their pregnancies. Songs people have sung to them about their weight and size. “Wide load” jokes and other comments. Why is it when we are pregnant its an open discussion about our size and weight? When in any other reason we may have gained weight we don’t hear these same comments? Is there something about a pregnant woman that eludes to to others we are extremely confident?! I am just going to put it out there and say most of us ARE NOT.

Maybe I am holding a grudge, but there is still one comment that I have held onto. It came after that belly pat when Iris was 2 weeks old “wait until you have number 2, you won’t be able to take the weight off”

To these people I say…WATCH ME…..

Seriously…watch me. It may even be the motivation behind creating a blog and letting others follow my journey. So I can prove it can be done and to share with others my eating plans and workouts. To give back and use all my years of helping others successfully lose weight. So when another pregnant woman feels like losing weight will be impossible, in the back of their mind they can say “watch me” and have the resources they need to do just that. And for all other women who are not comfortable in their own skin, I have your back too. Let’s do this!


After the baby comes…look for this all soon as I prove it can be done!