6 Phrases You Should Tell Yourself Everyday To Stop Overeating.

OVEREATING!!! Is such a common problem so many of us have! You know, the feelings of guilt and why did I do that? They either come to you immediately after or a week or two down the road when you step on the scale

And lets be honest….we all talk to ourselves…..and lets be real…….we ALL overeat….whether its big meals, snacks throughout the day, or you are with me and have a love of chocolate. This is exactly why we can use conversations we have with ourselves to stop overeating.


I’m all about being real with ourselves. Calling our habits out and doing something about them.

Whether you overeat because of stress, boredom, the shear love of food, you got the munchies after a late night out, or simply because you sat down with a bag of food and didn’t stop until you cleaned out the entire thing. It doesn’t matter…..it has happened to ALL of us!

And we self talk all the time….out loud or in our head. Negative or positive. “How did I forget to do that?”  “Really Becky? You put the clean cups in the fridge and not the cupboard?” or  “I can’t believe I got that much done today” (with a little happy dance going on in my mind) are common conversations going on with myself lately.

So if we recognize these overeating habits that are leading to weight gain or the inability to lose weight and we are already having conversations with ourselves why can’t we combine these two to really make something awesome happen and get rid of our overeating habits?

We can! I dare you to try! Over the years I have worked with people to practice using techniques to help with their overeating issues. Below is just a short list of phrases that I have been told over and over have helped others overcome this habit.

Here is how it works…..

The next time you sit down at a restaurant and you look at the delicious food that you know is way too much food for you to eat, or you find yourself standing in your kitchen searching for a snack, or you finish your plate of food and automatically go back for seconds…..

First….give thanks. Give thanks that you are blessed enough to have this food available to you. Not everyone does. You are given something that unfortunately not everyone  has readily available to them. Therefore you will not take advantage of it and stuff yourself in one sitting.

then…..tell yourself you are only going to eat until you feel satisfied. Not that overstuffed “ahh I ate too much” feeling or that “I have to unbutton my pants” Thanksgiving meal. Your stomach is full, not bloated, you can go for a walk without feeling like your food is going to come back up…..you know what I am talking about…..

After this…if you find yourself wanting to eat more off your plate, wanting to go for seconds, have a mid-afternoon snack attack…..repeat or ask yourself one of these phrases to yourself.

  1. My body is not a garbage. Yes many of us have been told in childhood that there are starving kids somewhere else and we need to finish the food on our plates. Well guess what…overeating doesn’t doesn’t feed those kids, it only harms our own bodies and health. Same goes with throwing food in the garbage. No we don’t want to waste food. But when faced with having to throw food away in the garbage or eating it ourselves you really need to ask yourself if the food is going to positively or negatively affect your body? If the answer is negatively…it belongs in the garbage.  Unopened food can be donated. And lets commit to not buying it and bringing it into our homes again.
  2. I can have more of this tomorrow. If something tastes so delicious to you, but you feel satisfied you ate enough and that you did not overeat try to stop here. But if that delicious food is still calling your name….you are in luck! Its not going anywhere. Tell yourself that it is so delicious that you will have a right size portion again tomorrow. Food will always always always be there for us. Spread the love and have a small treat each day.
  3. Does it support my goals and is it really worth eating? This is something you should ask yourself all the time when planning meals or ordering food. Does the food support your goals? Are there nutrients in the foods that you are choosing that your body needs? If it doesn’t support your goals and doesn’t have nutrition in it that your body needs to function at its best try to choose something else. If it does not support your goals or does not provide nutrition this is something my 6 year old refers to as “sometime foods”. You can still have it sometimes and in smaller amounts.
  4. Will I feel guilty about it? We all hate feeling guilty. Don’t do this to yourself. If you know from the start that you will feel guilty, just don’t eat it. We all know its hard to just not eat it and walk away. So find something to replace it with our get your mind off of it by keeping yourself busy. Call a friend, go for a walk, start cleaning something in your house, play with your kids, etc.
  5. Am I bored? Sometimes we eat just because we are bored! Don’t fall victim to this. Again, busy yourself. It may be time to find a hobby or simply keep your hands busy at night when sitting in front of the TV.  I have had many people be successful with this by buying an adult coloring book, crocheting/knitting, doing a crossword puzzle, or emailing friends at night,
  6. Am I tired? Many times we think we are hungry when we are tired when really its our bodies way of desperately trying to find energy through food. Caffeine and food can be a temporarily fix only. SLEEP and rest is the only way to combat this one. For more about how sleep can improve your happiness check out this past blog http://www.creatingafitlife.com/2016/06/09/12-easy-ways-to-gain-happiness-today/

I was serious in the beginning. I dare you to try this. What do you have to lose? I have had many people be successful with just these few tips. We will never be able to control the amount of food that we are constantly surrounded by and the large portions of foods we are served. But we can control our own thoughts and actions.