Can It Be This Easy? If You Want This You Can Have It Too!

I will admit I once was pretty hard core. Taking a “there are no excuses, suck it up” kind of outlook and attitude. I trained hard. I led intense classes. I liked to be known as the “hard core challenging instructor and trainer”. If people didn’t like it then it just wasn’t the program for them. They didn’t have the mental or physical toughness that was needed.

As they say with many things….with age and experience there also comes wisdom.

I wouldn’t say that I have gone “soft” but I have definitely developed a new level of understanding of life, family, work, and all the stresses that come with it. I have experienced first hand what its like to juggle all these areas of life. A “just suck it up and do it” attitude just doesn’t work. To get what you want, to really make time for yourself there are a few things you need in place first.

  1. A Goal – What do you want to accomplish? Is it weight loss, is it to run 3 miles at one time, have more energy, alleviate back pain, etc. Don’t just WISH to do something. You need to clearly know WHAT YOU WANT out of this.
  2. A Plan– Seriously…what is your plan? How are you going to accomplish #1? Are you going to join a class, get a personal trainer, workout at home, meet with friends, make more meals at home, snack less, stop eating when you are full and not overeat, find something to help reduce stress and stress eating?  Again…don’t just wish and talk about what you want. PLAN your work and WORK you plan. If you don’t know how to get what you want then ask someone that is educated to do this. Just because your co-worker lost 20 pounds doesn’t mean that they know how to help you and by following their plan you will do the same. You will only set yourself up to feel like a failure. The human body is complex and everyone person’s response to different types of exercises are different. Talk to someone who is educated in Exercise Science and you will save a lot of time, energy, and $ jumping from one quick fix to the next.
  3. Support- Many times I hear people feel they are stuck or can’t start something because they don’t have support from family, friends, and significant others. Don’t let that stop you. Join a class, or a group, or find support in someone with similar goals. I read this quote the other week …….“Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe” – American proverb
  4. Be prepared for set set-backs – Everyone and I mean EVERYONE I have ever worked with in the last 13 years of this career has had some type of set-back whether it has been a personal injury, family crisis, change in work schedule, kids schedule, or they have simply lost motivation. EVERYONE will get to this point I guarantee it. But you have to brush it off and get back in the saddle. Don’t let the feeling sorry for yourself, negative self talk, “why did I stop” mentality get you down for too long. There will be these feelings but you need to pull yourself out of it or ask for help.  Recognize that everyone goes through it. It’s those people who you view as “having it all together” who just pull themselves out of the funk a little bit faster.

Can that be it? A goal….a plan…support…and pulling yourself out of the funk during a set-back? If you have the right plan for you that fits your lifestyle and family you are on your way to baby steps in the right direction. Everyone complains that they have NO TIME. But we sure do waste a lot of our “no time” on talking about what we want and not actually doing.

Need a little inspiration?

Meet Sarah – A mother of 2.  Works full time as does her husband. When I first stared working with Sarah before she had kids, she had a weight loss goal. Poor eating habits, and not working out led to her steady weight gain.

sarah before2  sarah before


The initial journey to changing these habits in the long term, not just temporarily, was probably the hardest. But with hard work, pushing through setbacks and having patience (which is sooo hard!)  was so worth it for her in end to finally feel comfortable in her own skin.


Then came baby #1


And 15 months later baby #2


I had the pleasure of working with Sarah through all of this and it has been so inspiring to watch. Because of the initial habits she gained and the routine she created she is well on her way to getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

And this is when I get even more proud of her progress. Her attitude has been AMAZING. With babies comes sleep deprivation…with toddlers comes constant running around and then you add in career, home, and trying not to ignore all the other people in your life. How does one do it all?

But still….Sarah will make it to a 6:30am training driving 30 minutes from her house AFTER dropping her kids off at daycare. Takes classes throughout the week, and if she has to miss a class or training she doesn’t use that as an excuse and will walk or run on a lunch break, or workout at home.  And let’s not forget eating habits are a huge part of this, we all know how hard it is to plan when you have no time. But this woman has it all together! I could go on and on about what a wonderful person, mother, and friend Sarah is….she definitely deserves the credit! But I also know she would agree that she is like everyone else…BUSY, running around crazy, working, wanting what is best for her family and the importance of feeling good about herself.

Sarah doesn’t just WISH for it.  She WORKS for it.

Husband is working and she needs to bring the kids to the workout? No problem….this is a typical training session for us. I get what its like to be a mom and have kids so I love having the little ones join training sessions. Its amazing what they will learn by just watching!

sarah and jayda sarahjaydaontrampoline sarahonfloorwithkids sarahstanding


The time and effort you put into your eating habits and exercise are so worth it! Soon I will be working on my own post-baby weight loss journey. I know it will be hard work, but I am so ready to feel strong and healthy!