No Restrictions Weight Loss Plan – Here we go!

Here We Go Everyone!

It’s time to get the weight loss train a rolling, continue our lives being busy mom’s, and enjoying everything we love to do with no restrictions!

I am so excited that so many of you are ready to lose weight with me! When is it going to start you ask? First I need to have this baby 🙂 Our due date is coming soon! August 29th, 2016. As soon as my body is ready I will be able to put together the workouts for you and start sharing meals.

If you have missed the other blogs about my unfit high risk pregnancy I will spare you the details about not being able to workout during this pregnancy and give you some links to other posts to catch you up to date.

Here is my disclaimer to you on how you will learn to successfully lose weight without feeling like you are restricting yourself. It really can happen! First of all I have given up trying to be perfect. I don’t eat perfectly clean or organic. If you are looking for a strict diet with a goal to be chiseled I am not the person for you to follow. Can you believe I make cookies and brownies for my daughter AND eat them too! 😉

I don’t believe in diets or rely on supplements. I eat pretty normal, no supplements or shakes for meals. If you want to learn how I pick and choose the balance in my life with food choices that are kid and family friendly, workouts that are fast, efficient and some you can do with your family and kids than please join me on your own personal journey to Creating A Fit Life. 


My Family is worth every meal I plan and workout I do for myself. Love them!


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What you need to do for now:

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If you are ready….then let’s do this!