5 Ways to Accept Your Body- While You Are Working On Improving It

They say LOVE can work miracles. When you love someone who may not feel deserving of love you can change their life. When someone does an act of kindness for you on a day that you need it the most it can turn around your day.

A positive affirmation….a hug…a kiss…..its LOVE that makes you feel fulfilled.

What if we loved ourselves? Accepted that we are a work in progress? Truly understood that while we could (and will) always look in the mirror and see something we don’t like about our bodies, that we can change our mood and mindset by working the miracle of love.

Its safe to say that 95% of the population would love to lose 5 lbs. Maybe we want more…. 10,20, or 50 pounds of weight loss. We CAN want weight loss and improvement AND still love our bodies.

See we get into this nasty cycle….we are not happy with ourselves, there for, we have no motivation……

So we self sabotage….stop working out…eating more mindlessly…we swear we don’t care anymore.

But then we do care……and we are so disappointed in ourselves. Why did I do that? Why didn’t I just keep going and take the slow progress I was making? I would love to be back to where I was a few weeks or months ago!

So we start again. Hopefully keeping the momentum going this time and not starting the cycle over again.

What if we could stop the cycle by being more loving of ourselves during this time of progress? Let me help you do just this!

5 Ways To Love Your Body While You Are Working On Improving It

  1. Stay off the scale….frequently. The scale does play apart in our accountability so while you don’t have to completely break up with your scale DO NOT weigh daily. Once a week is plenty. Every other week or once a month would give you an idea of your progress. Body composition testing would give you a better idea of how your body is responding to exercise. How much fat are you losing, muscle you are gaining or girth measurements will give you a better idea and be way more motivating. It is worth a monthly appointment with a personal trainer to track your results.
  2. Look at the bigger picture. If you are gaining weight because of feeling like you can’t control the amount of calories you are consuming more than likely you are eating your emotions. There is something you are not happy with or feel in control of in your life. Is it a relationship? Job? Negative friendship? Self doubt? etc. Someone told me the other day how changing jobs from one they dreaded going to everyday to one with better hours, closer to home, and more flexible totally changed their mindset and made the role of food less significant. I encourage you to use this planning sheet http://www.creatingafitlife.com/2016/06/16/weekly-wellness-plan/ weekly. Show yourself love by making all areas of your life healthy.
  3. Eat food that makes your brain naturally happy. While you are at it stay away from foods that have negative effects on the brain like added sugars that increase cravings, impairs your memory, and contributes to depression and anxiety. Add these feel good brain foods in your diet weekly:
    1. Blueberries
    2. Avocado
    3. Peanut butter
    4. Kale
    5. Fish.
  4. Do 20-30 minutes of yoga or meditation once a week. http://www.youtube.com is a great source of short yoga videos. 20-30 minutes is enough to be beneficial. If you love it add more days or more time per session!  If you haven’t tried meditation I encourage you to give it a try. It can be AMAZING and completely center you and set you up for a day with a clear mind.  Try this 3 minutes of meditation practice from the very well respected Deepak Chopra http://www.mindfulyogahealth.com/yoga-at-home/an-easy-3-minute-meditation-with-deepak-chopra.
  5. Get rid of something that doesn’t make you feel good. I love seeing the “Gratitude lists” posted by friends and family on social media. Putting the focus on what we have in our life and not on what we don’t have is wonderful!  But we also forget we have the power to get rid of things that don’t make us feel good about ourselves. Why have the reminder around? Throw out or donate clothes that don’t make you feel beautiful. Whether the clothes are too small, too big, or simply not flattering for our body type. Get rid of it! Don’t like looking at your body in a full length mirror in the morning while you are getting ready for work ? Take it down! Have a negative friend in your life? Guess what, its OKAY to move on from that relationship. If you were given an empty box and we told to put things and people in it who made you feel happy, loved, and full-filled what and who would you put in it? What and who would you leave out?

If being frustrated and disgusted with yourself hasn’t been motivating you see what loving yourself can do!