Save Your Sanity. Start Meal Planning!

Tired of feeling like you don’t have time to make meals at home? Feeling like its a burden to make supper? Dread grocery shopping? Or simply just don’t have a weekly meal plan?

Our choice is to either do something about it and find a solution or continue doing what isn’t working for you.

Now looking back I wonder how I grocery shopped? I’m pretty sure I walked around the store stocking up on the necessary things: some fruit, couple fresh vegetables, do we need more milk in the house? We could always use a loaf of bread, pick up something for supper, and buy some sale items. Check! Done!

Our cupboards and refrigerator had food in them but yet we were constantly doing the blank stare into them each day wondering what we could put together to make a meal. If we spent too much time thinking we would end up going out to eat.

At some point I had to get a better system down to:

1) Save time. It reduced multiple trips to the grocery store each week and more efficiently use leftovers to cut food waste.

2) Save money on buying foods we actually ate and not just kept stocked in our cupboard or fridge until it expired or went bad. Buying in bulk and having a plan reduces prices and helps stockpile freezers.

3) To eat more nutritiously and sit down in our home having a family meal. Being more organized allows for more time to make more side dishes and increased my families consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Below is what works for my family,  The Ingebrigtsen Plan 5. I hope it helps your family too!

I plan the 5 meals a week and write it on a white board on the side of our fridge. You could designate a day of the week you will make these. However I don’t. Our schedule is too inconsistent for this. It is easier for us to pick a meal depending on the time we have for that day and cross it off the list.  ___________________________________________________________________

“The Ingebrigtsen Plan 5”

This is perfect for the busy family that has to be able to fly by the seat of their pants because of their family schedule and activities.

Meal 1: Pair up with something you have in your cupboard

Meal 2: Family Favorite – More time consuming

Meal 3: Quick and Fast (Why go through a drive through when you can grill quesadillas quickly or slap some sandwiches together).

Meal 4: Meal that contains a new recipe (main or side dish)

Meal 5: Items from the freezer (will help eliminate having food go bad before you use it)


Or think of your own 5 themes. Or have NO theme and just plan 5 meals!