TRX Class Format 1

30 minute TRX Class Format 1


(30 seconds each)

Twists -facing anchor point

Hamstring stretch. (facing anchor point push hips back and hold)

Alternating kicks to band


2 sets of each (45 seconds to 1 minute of each)

  1. Chest press
  2. Standing plank holds (band under arm) –jump feet in and out moving forward and back
  3. Tricep pushups (band under arms, keep elbows glued to the side)


  1. Squats
  2. 1 legged squat hold while kicking leg forward and back
  3. Bicep curl to shoulder press


  1. 1 legged lunge to plank
  2. 1 legged plank hold bringing knees in and out


  1. TRX Crunches
  2. Oblique Side to side crunches
  3. Pikes


  1. Hamstring curls
  2. Bridge hold
  3. Bridge hold while bringing knees in and out

Complete with 3-5 minutes of seated or standing stretches.