12 Easy Ways to Gain Happiness Today

Observing and listening to people is huge part of my job. So when I started noticing those really happy people around me I started taking notes (seriously I started a list in a notebook!) I started to ask questions to these happy people to pull out these secrets of life they are withholding from the rest of us that keep them positive and smiley all day everyday.

Need the secret to happiness? Here you go!

  1. Sleep – say what? the secret of life is sleep?! That’s right. Happy people understand the importance of sleep and value it! They even plan it out! At some point in the day they take a moment to think of what time they have to get up the next day and then work backwards to plan what time they have to go to bed to get 7-8 hours of sleep. CRAZY!  Guess they understand how much better their brain will function to work more efficiently, how lack of sleep can mess with our hormones and prevent us from losing weight, and we don’t feel the need to reach for snacks, food, and caffeine throughout the day for energy. It’s all a natural high!
  2. Exercise Daily – Stress relief, regulating hormones, help with that important SLEEP thing, health benefits, weight loss, weight maintenance…..the list goes on and on here. The busiest people in the world find at least 30 minutes to exercise a day. And those darn happy people skipping around your work office with smiles on their face find the time too.
  3. Play- Work, kids, dinner, soccer practice, packing lunches, go to bed and start it all over again. Who has time to play and have a hobby? You guessed it, those happy people. We all need to pause and do something for ourselves once in awhile. How about just 10 minutes a day? Read a few pages in a book that interests you. A few pages a day everyday adds up. Or sit quietly with a cup of tea and just do some reflecting and thinking. Crochet, paint, color, kayak, bike, hike….something that is just FOR YOU.
  4. Share Their Experiences and Feelings – Good or bad . Happy people get those feelings out and they COMMUNICATE. Sharing makes other people feel like they are trustworthy and special that you opened up to them. And it helps them get all those thoughts and feelings out so they can move forward.
  5. Eat Well/Make Meals at Home – You have heard the quote “you are what you eat” “if you eat crap, you feel like crap”. Speaks for itself. Eating well starts with making meals at home and controlling how food is made and how much you are served.
  6. Get Creative – There is something creative about these happy people. Whether they can create something artistically on paper, are great problem solvers, can create new ideas at work, or can build a spectacular wood bookcase in 2 hours. We all have something creative about ourselves. We just need to take time to discover and use it.
  7. Don’t Over Schedule or Over Commit Themselves or Kids – This is so easy to do! We don’t want to miss out on anything or risk our kids not get every opportunity they deserve. But running around like crazy people from one thing to the next only leaves us tired and unfulfilled at the end of the day.
  8. Don’t Compare Themselves to Other People – I have cited one of my favorite quotes many times “Comparison is the thief of happiness.” -Theodore Roosevelt. In a world where we will never be able to keep up with anyone else, why even try? It will only set us up for feeling like we are failures and not good enough. How come “so and so” lost 30 pounds in 2 months and I can’t lose even one stinking pound? Because we are unique, our schedules are different, our time to prepare food and workout is different, and our body makeup is different. That’s just the way it is!
  9. Are Deliberate and Passionate About Something- Time is valuable and those who are happy choose to use their time doing things that they value and excite them.
  10. Limit Social Media- One of the best decisions I ever made was taking off email and social media apps off of my phone. Those ‘dings’ and lights flashing on my phone was like a pregnant woman needing a milk shake. I would even reach for it in mid sentence with people without even thinking. Brendon Burchard (http://brendon.com/) gave great advice when he said to NOT check your phone, emails, social media right away in the morning. How many of us are on our phones “catching” up while we are still laying in bed? Plan your work everyday in the morning before you jump right into anything.
  11. Continue to Educate Themselves – Whether its reading, watching something more educational base on TV, take a painting class, learn photography, or complete some continuing education credits for your careers. The mind must be challenged and learn new things. It’s amazing how rejuvenated you can feel for a job you felt was getting stale and you were losing interest in after you learn a new skill.
  12. Chase Meaning Instead of Avoiding Discomfort – The most successful people will tell you at some point they took a big risk and were taken out of their comfort zone. And they continue to do so! There were no guarantees in what they were doing but the risk was worth the reward. Stop avoiding discomfort – have tough conversations with people, take the next step in that business you always wanted to start, negotiate a raise or a new position in your career.                                                                                                                                                          “Comparison is the thief of happiness.” -Theodore Roosevelt.