Strawberry Chips – Almost too good!

These are delicious!

In a crazy world where we all don’t have enough time and want to throw together a quick meal or a snack I am surprised that dehydrators are not used more in the kitchen. I have a Nesco dehydrator and have no complaints about it.  It’s even my own personal goal to use mine more often so we can eat more foods in its natural state without also ingesting the chemicals needed to preserve foods in bags. The actual dehydrating process can take hours but the process to cut fruit and lay it on a tray is really quite simple. From there you don’t have to do anything but go on with your day until they are done!

Our daughter loves to help cut fruit. A while back a friend gave us this kid friendly knife from pampered chef called “My Safe Cutter” Love it!

DSC00317     DSC00320

Depending on the size of the strawberry I cut mine into 4 to 5 slices. (next time I may make them a little thicker)


Lay them flat on the tray and literally that’s all you have to do!


Mine took 5 hours to dehydrate. (If I made them thicker they would need another hour or two)

Finished Strawberry Chips!


My only complaint…everyone loved them so much they were gone in a day!