Still Moving at 27 Weeks!

The story of a pregnancy following Placenta Abruption

This is a huge monumental week for this pregnancy. Not only for me but for my family and friends who were there with me during my pregnancy with our first daughter. I thought I was the only one secretly counting down (or up!) to get to 27 weeks. That is until people started asking me “when did you go into the hospital when you were pregnant with Iris? I know it was soon!”.

I can still clearly recall that day

Starting around 9 weeks pregnant I started having bleeding issues. We spent every single week up until 27 weeks going into the doctor a minimum of one time a week. I followed my Dr everywhere he went, from one clinic on one side of town, to another clinic on the other side, when he was on call at the hospital, and late nights in triage with nurses, doctors, and residents. We were becoming familiar faces to many medical staff.

After testing and monitoring I would get sent home with a “baby looks healthy, let us know if it happens again”. And it would happen again, and the cycle would continue. After so many visits I remember even saying “this is getting obnoxious, do I REALLY need to keep coming every time this is happening?!” After a short discussion we decided this may be my pregnancy norm so I would only need to come in if something was ‘abnormal’ with the bleeding.

Slow it down!

Slow down during pregnancy? All the literature says that you can continue doing whatever you were doing before the pregnancy DURING the pregnancy. So I worked just as much, taught fitness classes as usual, modified my workouts some for my growing stomach, did housework the same, and kept the social calendar full.

And then I was forced to slow down. At 27 weeks I was teaching a Pre and Post Natal Yoga class. Right as I went to hold a Warrior Pose I felt a sensation that I knew something was different. I was desperate to get through the rest of the class and rush to the bathroom to confirm that something was different A LOT different and I needed to go to the hospital.

Now I was forced to slow down. It was no longer about me, it was about this little innocent baby that I needed to keep safe. My placenta (the life line for the baby) was detaching from my uterus. To make a long story short I spent time in the hospital to receive the shots to mature our baby girl’s lunges as the doctors didn’t know if she was coming in hours, days, weeks, or months. A few days later I started going into labor as they started to prep for labor I remember the look on the doctors face when I told him we didn’t even have the nursery ready. Everything was happening so fast and NOT in the order I thought pregnancy was suppose to go that it didn’t even hit me until then to ask him if our baby would survive at this point. We thank GOD that they were able to stop the labor and I was more than willing to sit the next 12 weeks on bed rest to keep the baby growing inside of me.


Is it hard not being able to workout?

Now during this pregnancy people will ask “is it driving you crazy not being able to do your usual workouts?” My answer…..”my body hurts not being able to move much but I will gladly give that up if I get to walk around and move up until 40 weeks. The extra weight….well you better believe that as soon as it is healthy to do so, this weight is coming off!

I am still up and walking at 27 weeks. AMEN! I know I am not alone in this struggle. I was naive to think that pregnancies didn’t change much in our lives and we didn’t have to slow down. I know there are many moms sitting there on bed rest now with the same worry that I had. I know there are some moms who will read this and remember their own fears when they went through similar pregnancy issues. I guess it is our first sacrifice to our children with many more to come.

FAITH, HOPE, and our already UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for our unborn children is amazingly powerful. 

For those who are struggling and for those who have lost, my heart goes out to you. Nothing compares to the strength of a woman and the love of a mother whether our children are with us or have become angels.