Chicken Lettuce Salad with Asian Dressing

I enjoy salads but I’m not necessarily the worlds biggest fan as they aren’t always very fulfilling and find myself hungry an hour later. The key to a substantial salad is lots of veggies and protein to keep you fuller longer. I’m always looking for a delicious salad that is EASY and FAST to make.

This one I love and so does my family!

I prefer to mix the coleslaw mix and romaine lettuce together and keep it separate in a bowl to keep it fresh over several days and meals. I also keep the cut up peppers and mandarin oranges in a separate bowl and serve it salad buffet style making it more fun for our 6 year old to make her own salad.

I can easily get tired of baked chicken breast and find it be on the dry side so I prefer to pick up a rotisserie chicken for supper the night before and save the leftovers to use for this salad. Makes it easy to plan another meal for the week.



1 package (14 oz) of classic coleslaw mix

2 packages of pre-chopped romaine lettuce

2 cans (15 oz each) mandarin oranges. Orange pieces cut in half

1 red pepper chopped

1 package Garlic pepper crispy onions              DSC00186

Sesame Ginger dressing  (I have also used light vinaigrette dressing and it tastes just as good if ginger dressing is not your thing)

3 cups chopped Chicken (I prefer to use left over rotisserie chicken)

DIRECTIONS: mix packages of classic coleslaw together. Serve in separate bowls and top with remaining ingredients.

PREP TIME: 20 minutes or less!

SIDE SUGGESTION: Enjoy with a one serving of pita chips