My Unfit High-Risk Pregnancy

As a fitness professional for over 13 years when you get pregnant everyone assumes you are going to be the most fit pregnant woman they have ever seen. Barely gaining any weight, having a small basketball as stomach. Heck, with my first pregnancy even I pictured teaching yoga at 40 weeks pregnant and going into labor during class! Guess I thought I would be feeling all yogi zen and ready to go into labor battle.

Instead I spent my first pregnancy in and out of the hospital and ending up with 12 weeks of bed rest. Of course it was all worth it in the end when our daughter Iris entered our life and went from only being a couple to being a family. It also resulted in 40lbs of weight gain that with work and dedication I was able to take off.

After multiple miscarriages we were thrilled to have this current pregnancy. This one was going to be different! I was finally going to be that fit prego woman! An example to others out there to stay active throughout their pregnancies. I wanted to MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, I wanted to blog my workouts to other women throughout the entire pregnancy.

Well here I sit at 20 weeks. Having similar complications as my first pregnancy and restricted to only walking, frequent breaks, not being able to lift above 5lbs, and some light elliptical work.  , I have come to terms that I am now onto “plan B”. I am going to sit and bake this baby until it is ready to come out. I am going to put faith into someone who is greater than me. AFTER baby I am going to work my rear end off (literally) to get back to where I want to and I will challenge all of you to do it with me!

Until I can move again… are my promises to myself

1. I will do the best I can to eat well. But lets be real….those pregnancy hormones are real and they are strong. I will eat something sugary once in awhile. And I will not beat myself over it.

2. A good friend of mine told me stay off the scale.I tell people this all the time. Guess I needed to hear it myself. I have done this and I feel so much better.

3. I will take things one day at a time and listen to my body. Keeping my priority on the grand prize at the end.

4. I will take help from other people. I am so awful at this. But I have taken help from the awesome people I work with, friends, husband, and even our 6 year old daughter has shown us how big of a help she can be.

To all of my fellow pregnant mamas out there I encourage you to do the same. Be kind to yourself and be reasonable. Start preparing that warrior attitude to make physical changes when you are ready after the baby. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be the most fit during this time. If you know me…once I am ready, watch out! Anything is possible when you put your mind to it and your invest time into yourself!