The Magic of Weight Loss

Weight Loss Can Be Magic!

Why did I just eat that? Why is this so hard? I can’t believe I just did that?! These are all common thoughts we talked about in our January 27th “Regain Control and Create a Healthier Life Nutrition Course”. Thoughts that are all too common when dealing with weight insecurities. We wish it was easy, that no thought had to go into meal planning and choices, and we wish there was a magic pill or a magic wand.

What if there really was a magic wand? A wand that would be waved over you and POOF it would be instant! You would jump on a scale and it would finally be the number you have been longing for. Then out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of yourself in a full length mirror, you turn around to face it and what you see is amazing! The toned arms you have always wanted look fabulous in your tank top. And to think you didn’t even have to lift a weight to tone your arms! Your hips look the width that you are satisfied with. Your legs are strong and can carry you effortlessly through a half marathon without training. That stomach is pre-baby flat and of course you need to do a little turn and check out that back side…yep not too shabby! You have been given a do-over.You have been given your ideal body that you can now love!  But it is now your job to maintain this body and take care of it. The transformation is not permanent unless you really work for it.

What would happen after that? Think of your current exercise schedule and eating habits. If you could continue with these same habits where would you be in 6 months? What would be staring back at you in 12 months?  Even maintaining a consistent weight and muscle tone is very difficult. What do you think is involved to maintain this look? How many times a week would you need to work out? What would your eating habits be like? How would you ensure you make good choices when you go out to eat and don’t over consume foods at meal time? It would take multiple hours a week, a consistent eating plan to ensure you are not only over consuming but also not under consuming calories either. We blame lack of time for not being able to lose weight but if we don’t even make time to maintain this fabulous ideal looking body how do we expect to lose weight in the first place?

We are responsible for our schedules, or choices, and how much time we want to put into ourselves. This doesn’t mean just exercise and nutrition. Life is so much more than that ideal body. Take care of your happiness; physically, emotionally, professionally, and spiritually. Put work into your happiness first by working on these 3 steps to become a healthier and more fulfilled person.

1. Meal Plan – There is no fancy diet here. No eat this, not that kind of memorization of foods. Start with eating more cooked meals at home. During our nutrition seminar we presented a couple ways to make meal planning easier; ‘Themed meals’ and ‘Pick 5’. Show your kids that being healthy isn’t a diet. Trust me they will be so grateful to you later in life. Let me know if you would like a copy of these, I would be happy to share.

2. Get 30 minutes of exercise in daily.  A heart rate increasing workout. Don’t just show up to class, workout like you have a mission!

3. Love your body NOW. Act as if you already have that ideal body. Exercise and eat like you’re training your hardest to keep it and the rest will come.  I believe small steps will keep you headed in the right direction for a lifetime, not just a short vacation.

“Comparison is the thief of happiness” -Don’t compare yourself or your progress to anyone else.