All I Want For Christmas Themed Workout

All I Want For Christmas …..Is This Workout!

Christmas Themed Workout

Warm-up the hot chocolate:

x10 Alternating lunges with knee lift and hip abduction

x10 Knees to elbow in plank position

x10 Slow curtsy lunge with hand touch to floor

x10 Plie’ Jump Squat with heel click

Grab the hammer my elves….let us make the toys!:

Dumbbell standing fly x10

Dumbbell reverse grip shoulder press x10

Dumbbell alternating jabs with reverse lunge x10

Dumbbell alternating upper cuts x10

Dumbbell one legged squat x10 each leg

(Have more good girls and boys to give toys to? If so, add a second set of each)

Christmas is right around the corner…Hurry! Pack the sleigh!

Side to side jumps x30 seconds

Running in place (high knees) x 30 seconds

Burpee with x3 jumping jacks at the top x30 seconds

Alternating reverse lunge with hop at the top x 30 seconds

(if you made extra toys above….add on a second set here to pack the sleigh)

Its not about the PRESENTS…Its about your PRESENCE –

Hold each for 30 seconds:

Warrior I

Warrior II


Reverse Triangle

Forward fold